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Saskatoon is so in Vogue

Clearly, blogging is not my thing. Yet.

Look how long it's been since my first blog! Perhaps it just takes me a while to ease in to some things, find my groove.

Well, when I heard that Saskatoon was mentioned in Vogue magazine, I had to share

I am so proud of this city I live in and I want to spread the word on how great it is, so I thought it would be a good idea to share this link in my blog, and why I love living and working here.

I think Saskatoon is one of Canada's hidden gems. And there's a reason why it's earned the nickname, the Paris of the Prairies. It's a charming little city with a bit of everything – a beautiful riverbank (thanks Meewasin) running through it, eclectic historic neighbourhoods, art and culture, and some great restaurants. Okay, I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of our long, cold winters, but it's forced me to get outside more and enjoy some winter sports.

We have a nice little design collective in the city as well, and like many groups I belong to, being in a smaller city allows for a greater sense of community and connection. One of the best things about Saskatoon are the people. People are the foundation of any city and I believe they are a huge reason why people keep coming back here, and why I have a real connection with my clients.

Saskatoon is down to earth with a laid back sense of cool. Like Vogue said, "What’s happening in the Prairies is something more than fresh—it feels like peak Canadiana."

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